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University Research

Research at the Campus Dresden

Research in Business Management, Hotel Management and Tourism

Teaching and research go hand in hand. This benefits the research community, our students and companies alike.

TOP theme – Minimum wage study with the DEHOGA Sachsen A controversial issue analysed academically


The main focus of the survey, which was carried out by our students in the module “Strategic Management”, was on the organisational, personal and financial implication of the minimum wage and on the measures taken by the hotel and restaurant industries. The survey, which was carried out in May and June of 2015, had a participation from 262 companies, of which 67% were hotels and 33% were restaurants. 

The results were then academically evaluated by Prof. Dr. Matthias Straub and presented at the end of 2015 at a press conference in the Saxonian parliament. The result: the bureaucratic impact was especially burdensome to the companies surveyed. Particularly, the documentation requirement of the employees was a very time consuming challenge. As was expected, the incisive introduction of the minimum wage took a toll on small and medium companies in rural areas.



In focus – Research at our university Basic and applied research as a strategic focus

At the SRH Hochschule Berlin, we assume that basic and applied research are mutually interdependent. Our research activities are bundled under the cluster “analysis of the dynamic changes of processes and structures in economy and society”. The underlying goal is to investigate the effects of dynamic transformation processes and to achieve economic and social benefits through application-oriented solutions. Our research activities focus on the solution of perceived return problems in academia and the specific design issues in practice. Our academic methods are based on our quality standards and our clearly defined guidelines.


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Carolin Steinhauser

Prof. Dr. Carolin Steinhauser


Professor for International Hotel Management
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Matthias Straub

Prof. Dr. Matthias Straub

Study Programme Director

Professor für Allg. Betriebswirtschaftslehre mit Schwerpunkt Hotellerie/Tourismus
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Jürgen Männicke

Jörg Männicke

Research Associate

Internationales Hotelmanagement
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