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Study programmes After Graduation

Good Prospects – Career after Graduation

What may follow graduation for you

As the saying goes: The way to success is a ladder, not an escalator. Unfortunately, there is not a patented design for a successful career. There are however some golden rules: Collect as much experience while studying as possible, preferably abroad, and be open to new ideas. If you have enough motivation and perseverance, you may see many doors fly open for you in the all industries worldwide.

As an EU citizen, you can look for and accept employment in Germany without any restrictions.  For students from countries outside the EU, Germany also offers attractive residence permits for taking up employment that is appropriate to your studies and qualifications.

Once you have passed the last university examination, you can apply for a residence permit for 18 months at the local foreign nationals’ registration office in order to look for a job that matches your qualifications. During these 18 months, you may take up any type of activity in order to earn a living and finance your job search. If you have already found a job that matches your qualifications before completing your studies, you can skip this step.



Sharing Knowledge – Know-how transfer Our graduates give their successors good tips

Toni Brodowski

Most of our graduates do not simply go on their way after graduation. They continue to work with us and among the next generation of experts to share their field-tested experiences.

As guest lecturers or graduates give their insight into their professional experience. For example, on the subject of food and beverage management they can provide deeper practical knowledge in addition to the technical content.

To this end, we welcomed Carlod Zörgler and Toni Brodowski, both highly successful F&B Managers in different companies. They lectured on topics such as: indicators and Controlling systems, from the group to the team or management tasks in F&B.

They also answered questions, such as:

  • “What is an F&B department in the hotel?”
  • “What are the current challenges here and how are they handled?”, etc.

They also gave a deep insight into the everyday working life in F&B, with valuable tips for our students.