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A good thing
– Europe-wide sponsorship

Gain experience in a European foreign country with ERASMUS+

All students who opt for a stay abroad in Europe can apply for the versatile support from ERASMUS+. Each semester our campus makes it possible for about 10 students to be awarded with ERASMUS+ according to the “first-come-first-serve” principle. Travelling abroad with ERASMUS+ will give you a financial advantage, which is dependent on the country’s local cost of living. You can also participate in organized events during your stay abroad, such as get-togethers, language courses and student parties.

Why the effort is worth it ERASMUS+

Before the start of your stay abroad, your current foreign language level will be tested, so that it can be compared to the final test result at the end of the stay. ERASMUS+ certificates can be added to your CV and give you the advantage needed during your next job application. 

In order to define the individual goals of each intern, learning objectives and tasks are written in advance. This will be the base of the agreement between the intern and the company they are working in. This sets the character as a silent contract between both parties and may avoid differences in opinions.

For further information to the support programme of ERASMUS+, please contact our International Office. Here you may find out why our students have applied for funding through ERASMUS+.

Do you have any questions? Then contact us.

Julia Brendler


Service Desk, Deputy Administration Management, Student Service, International Office
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