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Hochschule Hochschulteam Romero, Osvaldo

Prof. Tit. Dr. C. Ing.
Osvaldo Romero



Telefon: +49 30 374 374 480

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gefördert vom DAAD aus Mitteln des Bundesministeriums für Bildung und Forschung (BMBF) Gastprofessur


  • Renewable Energy Systems. Studiengang: Master of Engineering and International Business.
  • Sustainable Residue and Waste Management. Studiengang: Master of Engineering and International Business.
  • Internationales Destinationsmanagement. Studiengang: Internationales Tourismus- und Eventmanagement in Dresden.
  • Nachhaltigkeits- & Innovationsmanagement. Studiengang: Internationales Tourismus- und Eventmanagement in Dresden.
  • Nachhaltigkeit im Destinationsmanagement. Studiengang: Tourismus- und Eventmanagement in Berlin.


Sugar Technologist 1980. Chemical Engineer 1989. Masters Science in Energy Efficiency and Thermal Design in 1997. Doctor in Technical Sciences as Chemistry Specialist 2005. Titular professor in Sancti Spíritus University since 2007.

36 years of professional experience in the sugar industry, dairy industry and university. Guest professor at Technical University of Berlin 2015 -2016. Currently as guest professor at SRH Hochschule Berlin.

60 post-graduate courses in processes analysis, sugar technology, energy and environment, agriculture, water chemistry, pedagogy, methods of investigation. Professor for practice engineering, process quality control, thermodynamics, administration, cogeneration, investigation methodology, renewable energies and professional formation, sustainability, tourism management. Promoter more than 80 engineering thesis, 30 master's degree and 6 PhD are currently promoting 5 PhDs. 74 papers in scientific events. He has more than 81 publications in international journals on cogeneration in the sugar industry, development research on biogas technology and rusting of wood biomass for energy production, university management, information’s management for university libraries, local development, professional orientation and formation, business management and sustainability. He is currently responsible for the national coordination of scientific activities in universities and research facilities on biogas development in Cuba.

President of the Professorship for German Language and Culture at UNISS. Coordinator of a DAAD Project for Entrepreneurship Education together with the University of Kassel in Germany. He has communication skills in German, Spanish and English. He is the author of a Cuban patent on alcohol production from juice of energetic sugarcane.